Prevention is better than cure. So they say, A stitch in time saves nine. So they say The old saying goes… Not only for the olden days, But for now and the future.                   Many things are done without considering tomorrow.                 Many things are avoided and yet the next day they build.   … More PREVENTION


Do you realize that most people who have failed to succeed as great politicians lack confidence? Expressing oneself in public is among the most difficult charades that most of us have failed to achieve. You don’t need special features on your body to be confident neither do you need a special type of voice but … More CONFIDENT or NOT?


Many things exist in this world that are so foreign to me and I can gladly tell you that “ignorance isn’t blissful” to me. Well, the Nairobi H20 ATMs grabbed a colleague’s attention and she decided to find out more about these little gadgets that are making Nairobi cartel free and providing safe drinking water … More THE WATER ATMS